Zynga Poker takes reign of Facebook Games


Zynga Poker – Offically the #1 game on Facebook

What does this mean for changing attitudes and behaviour towards gambling and how can gaming brands capitalise on this?

Although it may seem irrelevant that another Zynga title has taken the top spot in Facebook games, it’s important to remember that CityVille has been the number one game on the network since essentially its launch. With the new king on the throne being a poker app, it signals the adoption of poker as an acceptable, casual game which breaks down many pre-conceived ideas about the dangers of gambling.

Taking advantage of this now is vital – not in an act to compete for the throne but to capitalise on changing consumer attitudes and behaviours. If you are already set up in the online gaming space then you can start to see how poker and other casino products will capture more attention from a previously unreachable audience.

By developing your social space presence, as an offline or online gaming company it is now realistic to expect to gain interest from new target markets, including those in different geographical markets and new segments of consumers. The below infographic shows that many social gamers are educated, employed individuals with the majority having an income of between $50K – $74K and between the ages of 30-59. Who in the gaming industry wouldn’t want a slice of that pie!

The only way to really achieve your set objectives for Facebook: whether they are building brand awareness, customer retention, customer acquisition or as a new revenue stream is to create engaging content. When it comes to gambling brands, simply having a Facebook page is nowhere near enough – there needs to be a hook to keep your fans coming back to that page, sharing your branded content and spending their money in your games.

You have to be clear about who it is that you want to attract to your brand; customisation of apps to suit your brand, branded products and target customers preferences is the only way to retain engagement. It is fast becoming a saturated space to compete in the Facebook App Market, but mainly through a lot of amateur developers that have gained huge viral spread of their games simply through first-mover advantage. With the right CRM, marketing and content creation brands have the opportunity to take app engagement to the next level of brand engagement. 


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