Surprisingly uncreative Brands Part 2: Levi’s

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Last week we looked at Toy Story or was it Toy Boring…can’t remember 😉 This week I’ve taken a look at long-standing brand Levi’s, who currently have nearly 10 million Facebook fans.
One fact to put this in perspective is that out of the 9.3 million fans that Levi’s have, they are gaining a 0.0002% engagement level (i.e. around 30 ‘likes’ from their last 5 wall posts)

Please watch the latest Levi advert below – personally I think it’s a great advert, has a powerful feel about it and brings branding into the message nicely. It will also get you in the right zone to appreciate my comments about their more-than-lacking Facebook communication.

It seems as if over the past few years Levi’s are really trying to focus on making positive change and empowering people – this is what their Facebook page needs to be focussing on, but instead they are missing out on opportunities – I’ll talk you through some of these now.

Levi's 5.01
Their 5.01pm campaign was very successful in terms of brand awareness and revenue increases. It is also in keeping with their current campaign of empowerment and freedom – so why has it disappeared from their Facebook page? This is a campaign that is so suited to social media with millions of people talking about the end of work and their plans for the evening and weekends…it brings people together, even strangers in the work place will use 'what you up to this weekend' to break the awkward office silence.

The best way for fans to feel truly empowered by a brand is to engage on a personal level with them and Facebook is the perfect platform for building a community and sharing ideas through viral sharing tools. However there doesn’t seem to be any brand to consumer dialogue and more importantly than this there are no discussion groups/forums or suggestion areas for even fans to share their views. At the moment there is absolutely no incentive for fans to engage with the brand – not good when you have just launched a ‘community spirit’ campaign a few months ago.

My Idea: Develop a tab on their Facebook where fans come and post up their plans for the evening/weekend if they think they are worthy of a ‘vote of empowerment’, they are then to select the pair of jeans that they would like if they win. The 'weekend plan' could be something that is voted on, on a daily basis, with the winner receiving a pair of jeans worth up to £100. If you have put up a message of empowerment then it gets shared to your Facebook Wall to ask your friends to vote and you can also send them an invitation to vote for you. It brings fans to your fan page daily, rewards them for sharing their own sense of pride and advertises their product at the same time – driving traffic back to their e-commerce website.


Even their ‘Levi’s Go Forth’ tab, which explains the missions of the ‘courageous pioneers’ that they are supporting, has no area for fans to provide messages of support or tell you their views. People connect with people and Levi’s ‘pioneers’ could be sharing a blog that gets fans involved in their mission. It’s likely to gain a much higher level of ‘pledges’ as well as providing that relationship that is so desired by our modern day consumer.

Interestingly their ‘Go forth’ campaign was suspended from television whilst the riots in Britain in August this year. This would have been the perfect opportunity to engage all the consumers who were talking about the riots, and the different opinions that were flying all over social networks. Yes it would have been controversial but it would have united consumers who were angry about the riots under their brand name and gave them a sense of empowerment that could never have been gleaned from the advert. Careful management would have been required but it would have got consumers engaged in the very concept of Levi’s current brand message.

Facebook Wall

They are posting every few days but each post contains different content; some focus on their ‘Levi’s go forth’ campaign, others on promotions for fans, some with their new collections and others about their ‘Craft of Music’ gigs.

This would not be an issue if they were drawing fans to their Facebook page with this engaging content and then keeping them there. Whereas at the moment you can’t find any similar content on their fan page i.e. telling fans about why they are doing the ‘Craft of Music’ gigs, how they can get involved and asking what they feel about it. Instead there is nothing apart from a few videos and picture galleries lying unorganised amongst the rest. Not even any basic ‘Tag yourself in this photo if you were there’ type communication.


As a brand who has won awards such as ‘Green Business of the Year’ and ‘World Affairs Council of Northern California Award for Corporate Citizenship in a Global Economy’ you can’t find anything about it on their fan page. Facebook could be a great platform to share their activities and tell their fans about what they are actually putting in place that means they are winning these awards – get people talking about you and admiring you, especially as ethics within the clothing industry has been such a hot and controversial topic for the past few years!

Curve ID

I really liked this idea, as a girl who has never really known exactly which types of jeans are the best for me and if you are going to be ordering jeans online then you!

Unfortunately, and I’m not lying when I tell you I’m a size ten without the blessings of curves, having gone through the app and selected the answers most suited to my every-day denim lifestyle…below is what was suggested to me, which I was to later find out was suited to ‘Big ass, small waist’ sort of girl…hmm… immediately I was put off from even thinking about purchasing but if I had been pleased with the outcome – where are the call-to-actions i.e. ‘click here to see our range of Bold Curve Jeans, 20% off with this voucher code…”

My Conclusion

Levi’s have been around for a long time and if I think about all the different advertising messages and campaigns that I have seen over the past 15 years I get mixed signals.

I get sexy > individuality > freedom > ethics > ‘cool’

They have got a great opportunity to bring all of these things together under one roof and create something that is really powerful – a Levi’s community that are prepared to represent and promote these values for the brand. If you’ve had a look at their website you will see blogs, special gifts, apps for customised brands, trend reports, Friends Store and more …bring these ideas to Facebook – what are you waiting for?

Brands like Levi’s really need to step up their game, if they are going to spend millions on an advertising campaign then it is vital that they utilise the lower cost communication methods to really make that campaign stand out and be as effective as it can be.

Like their communication to the right; use Facebook to ‘Let the average man be divine’


If you are reading this then you have finished reading my blog – please let me know your comments or any thoughts that this blog has inspired you to have! I'm interested to know what fellow social minds think about this!

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