Starter Package

A fully managed starter package can give your organisation the right start in the social space.

Many of our clients are just starting to utilise social media and are beginning to understand the need for a social marketing strategy. If you just require the basics while you find your feet with social media, then we can help to provide these requirements and also help educate you, so that you have a solid understanding of how social media will compliment your existing activities.

·        This package includes a social media audit to help us and your organisation, understand the environment that you are entering.

·        We work with you to develop your strategy so that you understand how social media is going to be integrated.

·        We will set up your social presence on the best channels for full brand engagement including implementing viral marketing mechanisms.

·        We design a content strategy for your communications across these channels, ensuring that it integrates with your traditional online and offline marketing strategy.

·        We offer our clients full access to our monitoring, publishing and reporting software if they require it.

·        Also within this package, clients receive a dedicated Account Manager who takes care of;

  • Online content creation, distribution and analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Weekly volume reports
  • KPI analysis


The length of this relationship is determined by you – we aim to develop strong relationships (however long) with all our clients, so that real value can be generated for your brand and thus your organisation as a whole.


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