Social Media Audit

Just as brands conduct audits of inventory, employees, and budgets on a regular basis, they should also survey the landscape to find out how customers, influencers, partners and employees are participating in the social space. Marketing research is key for identifying priorities, benchmarking previous efforts, and planning for future strategies and the same applies for social media.

  • We conduct an audit of your current position in social media channels.
  • We assess the 'buzz' around your brand and industry and provide a specific conversation report.
  • Competitor analysis; looking at their recent campaigns, use of social channels, approach and benchmarks within your industry.
  • Analysis of the trends that are relevant to both your brand and your industry to identify potential opportunities and threats.
  • Analysis of which social channels are right to meet your objectives.
  • The audit will also consider your overall strategy, market position and objectives in relation to the social media channels being utilised, including how your recent campaigns have been received and your overall brand message through social media.


The results from this social media audit will be presented to you so that you can fully understand the impact of social media on your organisation. Reputation management is one of the most important elements to get right for your brand and by regularly conducting audits; you are able to fully understand how your reputation is changing. This is something that we have found very useful for top-level management to gain an understanding of the impact that social media can have on your brand.


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