What is Social Media?

Social Media is user–generated content that provides a platform for users to share, discuss and participate in conversation. The adoption of these platforms on a global level has allowed people and businesses to become both readers and publishers of content. In our eyes it allows individuals to become what is known as a social media examiner.

The term ‘social’ is used because the content passes from person to person, network to network and more recently, with the emergence of cross platform sharing, from mobile to online – and vice versa.

Interaction is key to social media; platforms such as blogs and social networks provide users with a space to communicate about a purpose. This mass collaboration can add immense value to your brand.


This content can come in many forms including;

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio

Online communities are also created through social media as like-minded individuals can discuss their common interests. The exponential growth in this area is bringing a constant stream of new technologies that allow for greater interaction and new ways to share content online – it’s just knowing how to utilise it all!