Social Media Revolution for Brands

‘What is social media’ and ‘How can it help me?’ are 2 key questions on everyone’s mind. The realms of social media have expanded far past creating a simple Facebook Fan Page for your brand. The implementation of social media into our business strategies has blown our traditional ways out of the water. Investing around £10,000 into a direct mail campaign could bring around 200 new customers, where as a social media campaign could bring more than 1,800 new customers to your business for a fraction of the price. In our current society, relationships are built by sharing videos, pictures, events and even messaging via a whole host of channels. By getting your brand involved in social media, you’re opening yourself up to create revenue in ways that are simply not possible with a traditional online presence. Why not read our case studies about some companies that have already successfully implemented their social strategy?

Social Networking Image
Where does your social media and business 'brand' fit in this landscape?