Social Marketing and Media Research

Many marketing departments are forced to operate on a tight budget, however, what many organisations do not realise is that social media has presented a cost effective way to conduct social marketing research among both existing and potential customers.

With the advancement of technology and social media, brand-to-consumer communications have become a lot less linear and a lot more interactive. How you present your brand to consumers is one thing, but how and why consumers talk about your brand is key! Discovering your online 'buzz' may provide you with the vital insights that you need to continue to engage your customers.

Brand managers who regularly use market research to follow up their activities achieve higher sales compared to managers who are less 'enlightened'. This is unsurprising as a brand's survival has always been dependant on the management team’s knowledge of the consumers' existing and latent needs.

Social Audit

We can either conduct a full social audit of your brand to give you those insights needed to develop your brand on a one-off basis.

Alternatively we can provide on-going social marketing research to identify how the conversation surrounding your brand is changing and how market trends are affecting the way you need to communicate in order to get ahead.

Competitor Analysis

Organisations from every industry sector are getting involved in social media; meaning that it’s now easier than ever to gain a transparent insight into what your competitors are up to.

Our team can conduct a full competitor analysis which will make it clear where you are positioned, how you can differentiate your brand and what benchmarks you need to be meeting.


Our experience in the social world and knowledge of the continuous changing needs of customers, allows us to produce a very clear SWOT report, which we feel is an imperative first step for developing your social communications strategy.

As social media is continually integrated into our society, consumers have started to judge brands through social channels more than they have done before. We suggest that you engage in social market research in order to find out just how much your brand’s position has changed since you went social!

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