Social Marketing and Online Gaming

Online gaming is something of a specialty for our Social Mediation team, this has been a result of the huge opportunities that we have witnessed and capitalised on. Trends within this market are becoming more unpredictable and in our opinion more exciting.


Online gaming may seem like a new concept to many consumers, but if you are operating in this space, you will know that in all areas of casino, bingo and poker there are high levels of competition that are forcing brands to be more innovative. There is a common misconception that the objectives of email and social communications are different. This is not the case. For instance, the weekly emailed newsletter has been updated by the micro-blog of twitter. What is not realised is that they both strive to achieve the same objectives. Social Mediation will work with your brand to integrate communication channels together seamlessly, to focus your brand value and to provide a more frequent and trusted means of strengthening your customer base.

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