How Can Social Marketing Help You?

They key to our client’s success is how we tailor their social marketing strategy to add value to their customers’ online experience. Our team at Social Mediation can help you to develop or create your social marketing strategy in 4 ways: 

·        Social Marketing Research

·        Brand Engagement

·        Online Gaming

·        Social Gaming

Once you have started to add to your consumers’ online experience, you can begin to capitalise on the benefits.  Viral advertising is one of the most popular forms of social marketing, but it’s not always the most complicated campaign that wins. Watch this video of an inspiring marketing campaign by Evian that now has over 72 million views on YouTube!

Ikea is an example of a company who have got their social marketing strategy just right. For more information about how this company managed to successfully engage their customers on a variety of social platforms, read our case study!