Social Festivity

Social Festivity

This time of year is full of festivities, from Bonfire Night and Thanksgiving, to Christmas and New Year. Whether you’re a Scrooge, or 5 year old child at heart, there is no escaping the presence of them. Social media is becoming ever more present in our lives, and thus the presence of these celebrations on social media is increasing at an equally rapid rate. 

63% of smartphone owners keep their phones with them for all but an hour of the waking day meaning that even when we are at our computers or watching TV we are consuming information from our mobiles as well. In fact, the latest figures show that 20% of media consumed is done so simultaneously.

Recent research is suggesting that social media usage is at its most consistent high during the days surrounding the celebrations. For instance on the graph below, you can see that the days surrounding Thanksgiving and Black Friday had a higher daily audience this year. There are certain times of the day however when traffic will peak, for instance, on Christmas morning, the number of Tweets and Facebook posts is expected to sky-rocket and in the minutes leading up to the new year, even the mobile networks have struggled to keep up.

Daily Audience Online

At Christmas, whether it is because of the festive moods or the days off work, the viral propensity of brands is accelerated. The top retailers partake in this annual battle to produce the best and most viral Christmas advert. Here’s a quick over view of the leaders to date:

Most Viral  – John Lewis

John Lewis’ ‘Bear and Hare’ advert is bar far in the lead with 212,200 Twitter mentions; 69% Share of Voice (SOV) and nearly 11 million views of YouTube since it was released on the 8th of November.

Largest Fan Acquisition – M&S

M&S’s ‘Christmas Fairy-tale’ advert has gained 265,000 new Facebook fans and 18,000 new Twitter followers since it was released on 7th of November. Marks and Spencer’s high fan acquisition on Facebook is down to its Facebook app of ‘Pass the Parcel’ as well as its Christmas advert.