Snapchat’s Latest Update

This promotional video, by Snapchat, shows off some of the new features that its most recent upgrade allows. Team Snapchat sent the short video out to all of its users late last week. Users then had the option to double tap the clip to upgrade.

Users can now send ‘text messages’ and use a FaceTime style video to message their friends. Snapchat was previously renowned for its disappearing messages and pictures, however this new update allows users to simply tap on a text message to save it in a thread for ever.

It seems that Snapchat’s ambitions are becoming increasingly like those of WhatsApp. In an interview in New York, Evan Spiegel, one of the Snapchat’s founders said:

 “The goal has always been to move beyond messaging. We’re trying to take the traditional text conversation and make it better.”

The company say that the update is intended to “deepen the interactions” between users. Previously, Snapchat was ideal to say a quick hello, but now, the instant video messaging service allows users to engage in real time conversations.

 Snapchat’s fame and popularity was built almost solely on the idea of disappearing messages. It identified an unserved segment in the market, which other companies like Telegram, CyberDust and Confide soon joined in serving. However, with this latest update, Snapchat – the innovator for ephemeral messaging has become… less ephemeral.