Google+ Social Gaming Failure


Worries about Google + as a social gaming platform

Although Google+ has the potential to be the next big social platform it has struggled to make any headway on other channels, in fact a lot of consumers are still unsure of how to use Google+ to their advantage. They haven’t made their USP clear enough, what really sets them apart?

Whatever the answer to that, while they are struggling to figure it out big players are pulling their games out of Google+. Wooga has pulled Monster World and plan to remove the Bubble Island and Diamond Dash games debuted alongside the platform. These games have done very well on Facebook and a spokesperson said ‘We’ve decided to remove certain games from Google because we have a much larger following on Facebook and they are active users” Ouch.

Electronic Arts were more diplomatic about the exit of popular Bejewelled Blitz with their spokesperson saying ‘PopCap has decided to suspend Bejewelled Blitz on Google+ to redeploy our resources to other adaptations of Bejewelled, certainly, Google is a valuable gaming partner for PopCap and EA, and we’ll continue to develop for Google platforms.”

Google+ users still have over forty games at their disposal, but it seems that everyone interested in playing social games is doing so where it’s, you know, possible to be social. Stats from January showed that users of Google + have spent an average of three minutes on the website per month which is a massive 136 X LESS than Facebook.

So for the moment, put your Google + strategy on hold, let other companies lead the way with this network because it’s looking too risky to tell at the moment!  

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