Facebook: The conversion funnel


Facebook Poker: A big funnel for conversion

A company such as Caesars Entertainment Casino Group, which bought social game maker Playtika last year for $90 million, could draw new players into the fold by recruiting players for its free-to-play games on Facebook. Most of these will never spend a dime in the casino games. But a small percentage will spend real money on virtual casino chips. If online gambling becomes legal in the U.S., a smaller percentage still might convert to real-money gambling, where they spend real money in games and withdraw winnings in real cash. And some of those folks might visit a Caesars casino at some point. That’s what Brock Pierce, managing director at the Clearstone Global Gaming Fund, referred to as a big funnel, and social games are at the top of it. For Blau, that idea is as close to gambling nirvana as you can get.

White Labelling to create your funnel

Following Facebook’s decision to relax regulations against Gambling advertising, it is now possible for companies to quite easily rebrand a white-labelled product at relatively low expense compared to building your own software. Following this, carefully placed adverts, branding and even the integration of a ‘Play for Real Money’ button allows companies to use Facebook as an effective acquisition tool.

This doesn’t  mean that you can just set up a Facebook Poker game and bob your uncle your real-money acquisitions will soar, instead it is a solution that allows you to enter the market quickly and easily with a tried and tested product. It is what you do from there that will determine how successful your acquisitions are.

–          There needs to be the right incentives for users to want to buy Facebook credits (this is the second stage in the funnel) through discounts, promotions or enticing 3rd party offers

–          You need to make it as easy as possible for users to become familiar and comfortable with buying Facebook credits. Whether this entails providing a guide, a video walkthrough, FAQ’s or demo’s – something needs to show the user how easy and pain-free it is to do this

–          Continuing to adapt your current product to make sure that the functionality is designed around conversion, recognising the in-game behaviour and responding to it effectively is vital.

–          Once you have managed to convert users to credit purchasing it is important to retain them as customers. This is where traditional segmentation comes in, through the app permissions you will have obtained an email database and something that is clearly lacking from social games is a successful email/mobile strategy to make sure that you can target the right audience with the right message

–          By the time the customer has become familiar with purchasing Facebook credits, it is then the right moment to start to display more real-money website adverts and begin discussions within forums to find out how your customers feel. Email campaigns will again be an important part of this stage.

–          Conversion!


For more information about white labelling don’t hesitate to give us a shout as we’ll be more than happy to discuss the potential of Facebook for your organisation. 

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