About Social Mediation

Our Social Mediation definition: ‘the process where parties come together and create a social rapport that results in a positive relationship’

Based in the North-West of the UK but delivering services to brands all over the globe, we at Social Mediation pride ourselves on our conversational skills. We hold this in high regard because having the right conversation with our clients enables us to find out more about your brand, social media objectives and capabilities, giving us a deep insight into how we can progress things for you.

Our team has been involved in online space since 1998 and given the dynamic, ever changing requirements, we have developed as not just forward but side-ways, backwards and even diagonal thinkers –it truly is the only way to get the best results online. Social media marketing and research is such a verstaile environment to work within and the way that it can be utilised changes with each of our clients. We hope that you will give us a call so we can discuss how it can work for you!