A Virtual Game with Real Life Networks

Empire Avenue is a social media game that was developed in 2009 and claims to be “the social media rocket fuel you've been looking for”. It’s used by social media professionals to expand networks and to engage with current events. The main reason that this is probably a game that you haven’t heard crazed about is because it’s technically a social game- and many professionals claim not to have the time for ‘childish games’. However this site offers much more than a cure to boredom- it offers a community and inter-communal connections to other social media professionals. Its slogan; ‘Expand, engage, evaluate’ sets out the main dimensions of the game. 


The game has a social media suite that is powered by the virtual stock market. This works parallel to the real life stock market as your “virtual investors will share in your success as they earn valuable currency through your online activity and engagement.” The more virtual currency (Eaves) you earn, the more you’ll be able to expand your networks.

Empire Avenue allows you to direct traffic and interest to your social profiles and online content. This can aid you to get relevant new followers, fans, subscribers on all social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook etc. The main differentiator between Empire Avenue and other social media games is in the collection of relevant connections.

Like most social media games, Empire Avenue has a competitive element to it- however instead of engaging in petty races with your mates, the built-in network scores and other metrics allow you to track your progress, and to identify area that you could improve. It also allows you to access your network growth. 

Dell, Ford and Nokia all currently use the site, and influencers like Chris Pirillo and Chris Voss are on it. However the network of professional connections that you can build through the game is perhaps its strongest feature. A small investment of time on this virtual social media game can result in real life networks that could influence your future.