A Picture is Worth 36 Tweets

A Picture Can Say 1000 Words

As the age old expression goes; a picture is worth a thousand words, and with the average word consisting of 5 characters, and tweets limited at 140 characters, a small amount of maths suggests that each picture is worth around 36 tweets. Let’s see how fast that catches on:

“A picture is worth 36 tweets”

It has been over 200 years since the camera was invented and pictures are back in the forefront of the public eye. Studies have proven that the number of images used in email marketing campaigns accounts for 54% of the variation in the response rates. Furthermore, tweets with relevant visual content (video or image) are 4 times more likely to get retweeted compared to tweets without visual attachments.

Not only is it important that you include images in your social updates, but it also matters what you include in the images too! On Facebook, images that didn’t include people outperformed those that did include people by over 17%. On Instagram, images with blue as the dominant colour perform the best, receiving 24% more likes than those with predominantly red hues and also on Instagram, Images with a single dominant colour generate 17% more likes than those with multiple colours.

Lots of rules and suggestions are being published about what to include in images, what saturation to apply and what hue to give it etc. but the most important and most prevalent advice is to keep it fresh