How does your organisation maximise social media?

Social media has become a key part of communication strategy over recent years however many companies are still far behind in the way they utilise this crucial channel. In fact, some do not even use channels that could be considered critical to their performance.

The good news is that taking the step into social media is not as complex as it sounds. Undertaking a social media review of what is being used and how to best utilise everything is quite an easy place to start.

Taking a detailed assessment of social media would normally be handled by the marketing team how it’s now become much more than just marketing. Most channels have an impact on several departments so the assessment is usually better carried out by senior management or director level. Start by asking these basic questions:

# Have you looked at what strategies are being used by your direct competitors? Not only Facebook and Twitter, but there are many more channels.

# If you already utilise some social media channels, have you explored others and how they could complement existing efforts?

# Does the business view social media as a one way broadcast of info or a two way engagement opportunity?

# Are reach, followers, engagement and sentiment being discussed as KPIs to assess performance?

# If your business has customer support, are they now integrated within the marketing department’s working procedures?

# As social media is a rapidly evolving with new techniques, do you engage with staff training?

# The use of technology can be a massive help to automate some aspects of social media management. Have these social media tools been evaluated?

How might answering all of the above questions reflect in a possible social media strategy?

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Take a look at what could be achieved through social media.

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